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Welcome to Finest Meat & Seafood
Let the Butcher and the Fish 
Market come to your home.....

Since 1989, we at Finest Meat and Seafood offer the best services 
in the tri-state area. You get special one-on-one attention that 
the big retailers can’t offer! We offer only the FINEST, ALL 
NATURAL PRODUCTS that the big chains can’t provide and we cost
 less than the other guys! We are PORTION CONTROL 
SPECIALISTS!!!  Once you have Try Our Steaks & Hamburgers you'll never go to the Store Again. 

Our services include *FREE HOME DELIVERY on all of our products. We bring restaurant quality gourmet foods right to your home or business.We have over 200 of the finest Meat, Seafood, Appetizers and Desserts available year round. Our Meat products are all dry aged for a full 21 – 28 days, then hand cut and vacuumed sealed for your convenience. Our Chicken and Gourmet products are all home-style prepared.  Our Seafood and Fish products are all individually wrapped for your convenience within hours of catch, making them fresher than fresh!!!  

Our Commitment to Quality & Service Begins At Home - For Family, Friends & Neighbors
​Supplemental Feed that is a mix of all-Natural Organic Grains and Grasses 100% Vegetarian Diet and Clean Fresh Water!!! Finest Beef come from Cattle Fed a Vegetarian, Grain Diet and Grass Always. All Meats are USDA UPPER CHOICE & USDA PRIME ONLY. ALL OUR MEAT ARE FROM THE U.S.A. 
Our choices include:

PRIME BEEF: Filet Mignon - Chateaubriand -N.Y.Strip - Ribeye steak – Porterhouse - Tri-Tip London Broil - Skirt Steak. 

SEAFOOD: Rock Lobster Tail Brazilian - Alaskan King Crab Legs - Peeled & Deveined Jumbo Shrimp - Norwegian Salmon Filet - Yellowfin Ahi Tuna - Swordfish Steak - Red Snapper Filets - Scallops - Chilean Seabass - Maryland Crab Cakes -Orange Roughy.  

VEAL, PORK & LAMB: Veal Chops & Cutlets -Pork Chops - Baby Back Ribs - Loin Lamb Chops -Rack OF Lamb 

GOURMET SELECTIONS: Bell & Evans Chicken Cutlets - Stuffed Chicken Breast- Roast Duck- Eggplant Rollettes - Garden Burgers & Chicken Fingers & Many Many More.  

We have a lot of fun here, which means our employees are happy and ready to serve your needs. Our customers are really important to us, and our friendly staff makes certain you are happy and will return again! 100% satisfied guaranteed is our motto.

Checks, Cash & All Major Credit Cards accepted! Call us now at 917 - 692 - 7620!!!  Serving The Tri-State Area ONLY.

**Call weekly for special sales! and For PRIME MEAT PRICES.

*$250 Minimum order 3 Box Minimum for Free Delivery. Please see our Delivery page for more information. *Delivery & Service charge applies on all orders that do not reach our $250 minimum

​Get 5% off of $200 or more for NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY. Price is Subject To Change
Due to the Coronavirus All Prices HAVE Changed Please CALL 917/692-7620 Price item CHANGE.
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