Deliveries are Made in the New York Tri-State Area Only.

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 9am - 9pm
Saturday - 9am - 1pm
Sunday - Closed
Convenient Delivery Hours - Early: 10am-4pm - Late: 4pm - 9pm

$150 Minimum Order 2 Box Minimum
20 mile Radius from New York City - Free Delivery - Round Trip

$450 Minimum Order 5 Box Minimum
25 - 75 miles - Free Delivery

$550 Minimum Order 7 Box Minimum
$99 delivery charge - 75 miles or more

**Delivery & Service charge applies on all orders that do not meet our $150 minimum
Price is Subject To Change
Please allow 1 - 3 days for Delivery

Orders processed Monday through Thursday will be ready for delivery on or before following Saturday.

Orders processed Friday, Saturday or Sunday will be ready for delivery on or after following Monday.

For all special orders please call 917-692-7620 during hours of operation.

Remember, If you don't see it, We can get it!

You can also e-mail us anytime at or fill out the form below / STARTING APRIL 8 2021 EVERY PAYPAL CHARGE WILL BE ADDED 5% TO YOUR BILL / 0 NOTHING FOR MAKING CHECK OR CREDIT CARD